Dry Brushing

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This is my newest favorite tradition and one of the, if not THE best way to keep your skin clear of debris, soft, velvety and naturally glowing. People always ask me how I make my skin so glowing and baby soft, and this is my secret. Dry brushing helps us “detoxify” by loosening dead cells, stimulating acupressure points, wakes up your immune system by circulating your blood flow and it ultimately REDUCES the appearance of CELLULITE! Skin is our biggest organ and we often forget that, and neglect to care for it. A loofa to your skin is like fiber to your colon. Your body naturally sheds skin cells out from our skin and its important to scrub away this toxic build up, or else it will be reabsorbed back into our skin which leads to, you guessed it: breakouts! Did you know that 70% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our liver? This can create a very toxic body.

Look for a natural bristle brush and throw on some Hendrix and go to town, brushing all areas of your skin in upward circular motions (especially your thighs, bum and dimply areas). Don’t brush too hard and be kind to sensitive areas –> ( . Y . ) ;) . When targeting your face, use a washcloth. I like to use a baby washcloth because its softer and won’t tug at your skin (CVS). After you shower definitely lather up with lotion (try to use natural lotions, I love using coconut oil before bed – you smell and feel so amazing). Once you do this, you will be amazed at the feeling of your skin actually breathing and you actually feel lighter. I can’t stop feeling how soft my skin is after! Its seriously the best. Go try!

I’m really excited to get these loofah gloves! Makes it so much easier…

Terry Loofah Gloves $8

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