Favorite Links of the Week


Everyday I stumble across fascinating articles, videos and various links on wellness, nutrition, fitness, you name it, and I always find myself blowing up my Facebook or telling my friends, sharing these finds with whoever I think would find it interesting. I decided to start sharing them with my fellow bloggers and followers who may be interested in some of the interesting links I’ve found throughout the week or so. I got this idea from my ultimate FAVORITE blog cupcakesandcashmere.com, because I always love the fun links she finds, and I thought I’d do a kind of “health spin” on it.

  1. How to bake eggs in an avocado! Brilliant and Paleo (betterrecipes.com)
  2. Lauren Conrad’s 3 day detox diary that I followed when I did a juice cleanse. (laurenconrad.com)
  3. Ever wonder what those numbers mean on the fruit stickers? It’s actually quite simple. (drfranklinpman.com)
  4. This girl posts amazing and easy workout clips on her Instagram and Facebook (IG: @shonda1020fit)
  5. The most beautiful flower cake I have ever seen! Raw, vegan and perfect for Spring (greenkitchenstories.com)
  6. By far the most inspirational yoga video I’ve ever seen, she makes it look so easy! (equinox.com)
  7. If you’ve seen Food Inc, sign this petition to help change our corrupted food system. We deserve to know where our food comes from and what’s in it. It only takes a second! (takepart.com/foodinc)
  8. How drinking 3 liters of water a day took 10 years off this woman’s face. (dailymail.com)
  9. One of my favorite and fun Ab workout videos, just 3 minutes of burning hip-thrusting Zumba (Zumba with Amber)

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