My Top 6 Health Books


When I first began my journey towards health, I read a lot of amazing books that inspired me every day to live better. Reading these books truly gave me all the willpower I needed, and have given me the knowledge and basis of how I live my life today. I still reread them all the time, they are so marked up and worn out from studying and lending them. Of all the “health” books that I’ve read in the past three or so years, these 6 authors were by far the most inspiring and enlightening. Most of what I know today is from them. If you’re interested in bettering your health, I suggest you read one of these, you won’t regret it! I included a little personal review of each and what I loved about them.

1.  The Beauty Detox Solution

This book changed my life. It was the first health book I randomly decided to read and once I finished it, I was changed forever, which I wrote about in one of my first posts. Kimberly Snyder is so brilliant and inspiring, she knows exactly what you want to hear and breaks health and eating down into understandable concepts. If anyone ever comes to me for advice, I immediately tell them to read her book. All of my girlfriends will admit they have changed the way they eat forever from reading this book. She explains in her book how eating healthy will make you beautiful… literally. Her second book Beauty Detox Foods is also filled with a ton of recipes and beautiful photos.

2. The China Study

If you doubt eating greens can change your life, you should read this book. It gives you all of the evidence and science to back up the fact that eating plant-based prevents cancer. A little dense and intense, but has so much needed credibility for skeptics. This book was the inspiration for one of my favorite documentaries, Forks Over Knives, which I reviewed here. It really is a book that could save your life.

3. The 8 Hour Diet

This book is known as the Food Lovers Diet, so if you love food, you’d loveee this book. The author of this book is also the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health Magazine and also wrote the infamous “Eat This, Not That” guide, so the science is there. Basically, you can eat anything you want in an 8 hour window, then stop about three hours before bed and “fast” until the morning. And in the morning, ALL you have to do is work out for 10 minutes on an empty stomach, which targets and blasts your fat. It sounds too good to be true but intermittent fasting works miracles. For a more in-depth review, check out this Women’s Health article.

4. The Kind Diet

Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Diet is a wonderfully written book that inspired me to go vegan for a year. She explains everything you need to know about the ethics of eating and opens your eyes to a whole new way of looking at food. She taught me the proper way to chew and I now take more time to eat and be thankful for each bite, and really care about where my food comes from. Beautiful recipes as well.

5. Crazy Sexy Diet

I just love Kris Carr. Her documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer was so inspiring, I had to buy the cookbook. It’s so fun and colorful, I never get bored of reading it. Its filled with fun infographics and grocery lists, I always flip through it like a little girl. P.S. I raided her fridge here.

6. Skinny Bitch: A No-Nonsense, Tough-Love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous

This girl is hysterical. Even if you don’t want to eat healthy, this book will have you laughing tears. Rory Freedman is so blunt and real about eating crap, it gives you no excuse to be a fat pig. The personality and legitimacy of this book is so valuable, I read it every time I need a little reality check. “Perhaps you have a lumpy ass because you are preserving your fat cells with diet soda”, need I say more? Her Cookbook is amazeballs too.