Favorite Health Links of the Week


  1. How to grow an Avocado tree in just 3 steps with a pit, toothpicks and a jar
  2. Vegan Cuts sends you a package of popular vegan goodies to your door for just $19
  3. Real women proportions are compared to Barbie’s… and its creepy
  4. Check out my best friend and trainer’s health & fitness website The Body Project for amazing advice and recipes! (kmbodyproject.wordpress.com) and follow them on instagram (IG: kmbodyproject)
  5. Helpful picture guide of how to select the perfect produce by one of my favorite health guru’s Taralynn Mcnitt (undressedskeleton.tumblr.com)
  6. Find half off nike shoe prices at this website!
  7. If you’re interested in juicing or losing weight, check out one of my favorite documentaries Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead for free online. The website also gives you a free juicing guide and recipes.
  8. The TIU girls created the best ab routine based off of what made them the most sore and delivered the fastest results.
  9. 15 second video of how to make Tiramisu cups out of Quest Bars. You can bake these protein bars into just about anyy dessert. Quest Bars are my absolute favorite: 170 calories • 20g of protein • 17g of dietary fiber • 1g of sugar • Gluten free • No artificial sweeteners • 3g net carbs (they actually eliminate carb-based calories so there’s no room for fat gain!) You can buy a 12 bar variety box online here for just $25