Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner


I have done a lot of hydrating treatments in my life because I highlight my hair and its very dry. I’ve tried keratin, eggs, olive oil  (don’t judge, I know you’ve tried some crazy things too!!) even a beer and mayonnaise treatment you can find here but NOTHING has compared to the feeling after a coconut oil treatment. This has made my hair SO soft and strong I do it at least once a month. Better yet, it grows SO fast, I can’t even keep up with my hair appointments! I also like to rub the oil on my skin before I go to bed it makes my skin so silky smooth and my face glow! Giada de Laurentiis mentions that she also does a coconut oil scalp massage in her new book Feel Good Food.


What to do:

Rub coconut oil in hands to warm into oil, run through dry, brushed hair. Some people like to rub it in their scalp for a deeper condition but this can make your hair extremely oily so take caution. I leave it in my hair for an hour or so until it dries a little and then shampoo out very well and condition normally. Sometimes 2 washes is necessary.

Hair Secrets

I always get asked about how I grew my hair out so long and healthy. Besides eating a healthy plant-based diet which has truly improved my hair dramatically, I have a secret method that I do with my roommates every Sunday. I know this may sound ridiculous and disgusting but it is the best and most effective (& cheap!)  treatment that I have found. You don’t have to spend exuberant amounts of money on products that will actually strip your hair of its natural beauty. The secret behind these steps are laid out below:

Step 1: Beer Rinse

Liquid Diet for Your Hair?

While the hair products you know and love may give your hair that temporary shine or control you need, daily use can add buildup of residue in your hair. This could be one of the reasons your hair may feel greasy, heavy or lifeless.
In order to rinse away the bad product to reveal shiny bouncy healthy hair follicles, you need to use an acidic rinse at least once every other week. In comes beer – used as an acidic rinse to smooth out your hair cuticles and increase shine. The key is to make sure the beer is flat, letting it settle and pouring into your hair. Massage into roots and rinse. (Don’t do this before you go to a meeting or event)

Step 2: Mayo Me

Most of my friends won’t go near mayonnaise, but this is actually the best deep hair conditioner ever! The thick creaminess quenches the thirst of dry and brittle hair. It not only gives it moisture, shine and body but it improves your hair over time, making it stronger and growing faster. Apply a couple handfuls to hair (I avoid my roots because it can be a little heavy) and comb through hair with fingers, leave on for about an hour or so. I personally put a shower cap on or wrap saran wrap around my head and blowdry heat on it for about 5 minutes after applying mayonnaise. Rinse out and shampoo and lightly condition, combing fingers through hair (make sure you wash it out completely or else it will feel greasy).

The secret to this is the egg yolk in the mayonnaise which contains a form of protein that is commonly found in standard hair treatments. This protein fills in gaps in the hair shaft, making individual micro layers of the hair lie flat, giving the hair a fuller, shinier appearance.

{I buy mayonnaise that has olive oil in it, this gives my hair extra shine}