Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner


I have done a lot of hydrating treatments in my life because I highlight my hair and its very dry. I’ve tried keratin, eggs, olive oil  (don’t judge, I know you’ve tried some crazy things too!!) even a beer and mayonnaise treatment you can find here but NOTHING has compared to the feeling after a coconut oil treatment. This has made my hair SO soft and strong I do it at least once a month. Better yet, it grows SO fast, I can’t even keep up with my hair appointments! I also like to rub the oil on my skin before I go to bed it makes my skin so silky smooth and my face glow! Giada de Laurentiis mentions that she also does a coconut oil scalp massage in her new book Feel Good Food.


What to do:

Rub coconut oil in hands to warm into oil, run through dry, brushed hair. Some people like to rub it in their scalp for a deeper condition but this can make your hair extremely oily so take caution. I leave it in my hair for an hour or so until it dries a little and then shampoo out very well and condition normally. Sometimes 2 washes is necessary.