A Cabo Wedding


I am finally back from an incredible vacation that took up all of my time for the past few weeks (apologies for the lack of posts!). I flew to Cabo for  a week with my boyfriend for my cousin’s wedding and finished up the trip in Malibu with my family. We stayed at the Cabo Surf Hotel, and since my entire family surfs we spent all day in the water… and all night celebrating in the jacuzzi. It was the most fun my family has had in a long time, I treasured every moment. The wedding was absolutely beautiful; Soft and glamorous beachy chic with starfish & baby’s breath accents. Tiffany wore a glamorous plunging back Katie Mary dress, and was seriously the most beautiful white angel walking down the aisle, I cried the entire time (first time bridesmaid :/..) The rehearsal dinner was filled with excitement and margaritas, we indulged in delicious yellowfin tuna tacos that the boys caught that morning. Everyone had so much fun taking pictures with the cutout mustaches, lips & glasses followed by a quite hilarious effort of Chinese Lanterns since the wind blew the only ones that made it into neighboring houses and almost caught all of Mexico on fire. The wedding reception was magical in the tropical wind under swaying palm trees and big strings of lights. {P.S. My cousins are incredible ice skaters and happened to pull a little spontaneous stunt during the reception… show offs…  the wedding was also featured on the Ice Network.}

IMG_3821{My brother and I on our first wave of the trip}
IMG_4229{My little munchkins and me before the waterworks}

{The table seating was arranged in a bed of beautiful baby’s breath}

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.06.09 AM

cabo4.jpg{Tiffany & Woody’s first dance to Sail Away by David Gray accompanied by sparklers}


{My brother and his girlfriend Emily with their Chinese Lantern}